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On a mission


Summer is slowly coming to an end as the school year starts up, welcome back everyone! While so many of my friends are getting ready to go back to school in the next few days, I’ve started a separate mission: getting a job.

See, I’m not doing my master’s. Actually, I never even started. Instead, I’ve been taking on the workforce, and here’s what they forget to tell you; the job search can be very mentally and emotionally demanding.

Personally, I’ve never been taught anything really about building resumes, writing letters, or building my portfolio. I was thrown into it, head first. But of course it doesn’t stop at that, there are interviews, tests, emails, calls, and maybe at the end of the road, a job. And even though I’m quite hopeful and excited about finding a good fit, and I’ve been keeping my energy and morale high, I’m here to notify you that it can be very exhausting.

The dark side of the recruitment moon: handling rejection, managing expectations, negotiations, and finally, working through some disappointment. So, if you’re about to graduate, or take a gap year, make sure to prepare yourself and anticipate some surprises along the way.

My main piece of advice is: don’t be nonchalant about what you want.

You need to ask for help when you need it. Share with your friends and family that you’re in the market, post to your socials, and reach out to your connections. And most importantly, you need to remember that you are a qualified and talented individual. Sooner or later, you’ll find a position that’s a good fit for you and in the meantime, use your support system for mental and emotional check-ins. It’s tough and not enough people talk about it.

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