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It’s already almost 3 years now; I still remember my first day at TU/e. During those days, I was nervous and very shy to initiate conversations. The lecture rooms and students around me were all new and different. Students were from different cultures, speaking different languages. Everyone seemed indifferent to each other.

But shortly, everyone started sharing, expressing, and caring. And soon weird things about them were not weird anymore. We all started our journey of master education and my class became my family.

When I think of it now, it just feels like yesterday when I started going to lectures with my classmates. On the one side, I have all the joy of completing my masters, but on the other side I feel sad about not being in the university anymore. There was everything: endless fun, haunting tensions, overnight assignments, discussions, joy of passing with 10 and sometimes sadness of failing with 5.5.

There are hundreds of activities going on in and out of university. It is possible through different associations, cultural centers and enthusiastic TU/e community. For instance, this week is an “Asia Week”. Times like these are amazing time to go out of your study-nests and participate. Understand different cultures and make friends from all over the world for life-time.

During university, although I participated in many activities, I have a feeling that I’ve missed a lot other activities. I wish I had a little more time to do it all. I hope you make it your lesson and start participating more and more. I am sure that different associations and creative activity centers within but not only limited to TU/e will be always eager to welcome you. Cheers!!

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