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With us today in the third round of the Science quiz we have Frank Baaijens. Welcome, Frank. For anyone who doesn't know you, you are the rector magnificus of TU Eindhoven. Frank: "I am indeed, that's right."

Carnival is almost upon us in the warm southern climes of the country. Are you a Carnival goer?
Frank: "Well, I do very much like to take part in the grand procession in the village where I was born, Geleen. It has a special Carnival name: the Waereldsjtadvastelaoves procession."

And do you dress up for the occasion?
Frank: "But of course! Last year I was dressed up as a bedsore on a massive buttock lying on a gigantic hospital bed that served as our float. It was so good that even my closest friends could only recognize me by my glasses. In the market square I followed up this performance by singing a carnival song I'd written myself - “Hee, hi, hallo - we're all in the flow”. It's about the mixed finite method used in viscoelastic flow analysis. Oh yes, that goes down a storm with the people of Geleen."

And this year?
Frank: "This year my wife and I are going together, both dressed up as heart valves. But I promised her I wouldn't divalge too much about it. Hee, hee, hee….Did you get it? Divalge?"  

Frank, the theme for today is 'Where Innovation Starts'. You can see here a list of terms - names, buildings and so on - all of which are related in some way to TU Eindhoven. A piece of cake for you, I'd imagine. I'll give you a number of descriptions or pictures and you have to say which terms fits. Are you ready to begin?

Frank: "I am indeed!"

Here comes the first one: it's a picture showing a procession of people, all of them carrying a backpack, making their way across the grounds of TU/e.
Frank: "Ah yes, that was a visual that we used for Expedition 2030."

And now I'll give you a description: Mythical figure who carries the whole burden on his back.
Frank: "Hmm…difficult…Maarten Steinbuch?"

Collective creation of a vision of the future?
Frank: "Now that's Expedition 2030, and when I first answered 'Expedition 2030', I should have said ‘friendly parking’."

In the rest of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is known as...?
Frank: "Lampegat!"

TU professor who can often be seen on the A2 driving towards Hilversum in his Tesla?
Frank: "That must be Maarten Steinbuch. Then the mythical figure must be ‘Atlas’."

The finest degree program at TU/e...?
Frank: "That's of course Biomedical…. hmm – that's not one of the options. Pass."

The nickname given to Eindhoven during Carnival?
Frank: "Oh I see, that is Lampegat, and when I gave Lampegat as the answer, I should have said Brainport, and the finest degree program is Psychology & Technology. Stop the clock."

Would you like to use any jokers?

Wijnand IJsselsteijn | Professor Cognition and Affect in Human-Technology Interaction

(This episode of Brainmatters is based on the Dutch TV show Per Seconde Wijzer)

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