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Here you are. You obtained your diploma, although perhaps in a different way than expected. After that, maybe you went on a trip or got a summer job, or maybe your summer holiday was also different than expected. In any way, your last lesson has been a while, and maybe it was even still live at school. So what now?

Now you are a student at the university, and a part of our community. And we welcome you with open arms. The university and the community will do everything they can to provide good quality education, to create places where you can gain knowledge, find new hobbies and interests, meet new people and develop yourself.

At the moment education at the TU/e is taking place in a hybrid way. The university can only use thirty percent of its capacity on campus, which means that a lot of activities are being done online. That doesn't mean that we as a community didn't try to do our utmost best to arrange everything as good as possible, so that your experience here will be as 'normal', or you could even say special, as can be.

I once made the choice to come to Eindhoven for education, just like you have. Granted, that is already 4,5 years ago, but by now I have made the decision to also follow a Master program here. The real question is not why I made the choice to come to Eindhoven; it is why I stayed. I will explain what makes our university and community so special.

It actually already starts in the introduction week. Although it was quite different this year, you were able to meet hundreds of students from the associations on-campus and online. They all wanted to provide you with a warm welcome and gave up their vacation days to show you what we have to offer so that you can find your place here. I hope you have already found a study-, sports-, culture-, career- or student association that fits you. If you didn’t yet, I hope you will find it soon.

Next to gezelligheid - maybe best translated with the word cosiness - and hobby or sports at associations, there is also a lot to do in the area of self-development. Join a committee, talk to interesting people and companies, do a board year, join a student team, take a new side job or join a student representation council!

At the university council, we have a good overview of all things that are happening at the university and what your options would be in a difficult situation. You can always come to us for help or advice. Also in times of corona.

If you are open to new things, you will have a great time at the TU/e. New TU/e students, be welcome here.

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