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Student Life at TU/e

Anything you need (and should want) to read: news that concerns you. News about your studies, about political decisions made in The Hague but also including more low-key items on student life in and around Eindhoven, of course.

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How can I survive relationships? | Settled down or still playing the field?

10 October 2017

From our 'How can I survive special': Both of them are active members (past and present) of Eindhoven's student scene, have had their fair share of life's headaches and dick pics. Britte Bouchaut (28, graduating student of Innovation Sciences; in an 18-month relationship and not cohabiting) and Alain Starke (27, PhD candidate of Human-Technology Interaction; in an eight-year relationship and cohabiting) discuss love and romance at TU/e like two old fogeys. From long-distance relationships to kissing networks: How can you survive student romance? Alain and Britte give tips, ask others for advice, and take a critical look at each other's views. Are Eindhoven’s drinks rife with date-making, or do dicks take a backseat in Eindhoven?