Pantelis Katsis

Hard worker, humorous, perfectionist to the bone. 

I am an Electrical Engineering student with a big passion for photography and a bigger passion for digital manipulation. The latter started in my early teenage years, when I first downloaded Photoshop and started quite literally playing around with it, mainly editing pictures of my friends.

As I became better, I realized that the internet was limiting my work, so I started also taking pictures myself to make what I had in mind a reality. My main drive was –and still is- one question: “How would the impossible look like if it could really happen?”. Learning photography was a necessity for my goals, but it turned out to be a whole other world that I craved to explore.

After all this, the creative child that was editing funny pictures of his friends, became a self-taught professional whose only limit is his own imagination. Many photographers are craving the perfect shot, which is mostly being at the right place the right time, the process ends when they press the trigger.  For me, the click is just the start.

Pantelis Katsis


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