Cum laude for PhD in cryptography

Cum laude for PhD in cryptography

17 februari 2016

Thijs Laarhoven of the TU/e Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has gained his PhD cum laude. He defended his thesis, titled ‘Search problems in cryptography, From fingerprinting to lattice sieving’, yesterday 16 February in the Auditorium building.

The PhD thesis of Laarhoven is about improvements in the techniques for digital fingerprints, in order to improve the prospects of tracing people who make illegal copies of digital content. The second part is about lattice-based cryptography, to secure digital communication. His promotor is professor Tanja Lange, professor in Cryptology.

PhD awards with the honor of ‘cum laude’ are relatively rare, and an average of five percent of all theses at TU/e are considered for this distinction. To be eligible the PhD work must be of exceptional quality, and must be performed with an exceptional level of autonomy.

Source: TU/e press team

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