Flashback: Campus 1960 versus 2012

The roof of W-hal (now metaForum), Matrix (former FT-hal) and the gangway in between have remained the same, but everything else has changed. The Hoofdgebouw, Vertigo, artworks KOE and Objet Mathématique, tall trees; TU/e campus has really filled up over the years.


The picture from 1960 was taken on the first day of the new academic year, the same day the Vestdijk Tunnel railway underpass was officially opened. There's a marching band followed by a parade of cars and pedestrians on their way to 'Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven'. Upon closer inspection, you might notice the absence of the apartment buildings at Montgomerylaan -what you see is a part of Oud-Woensel that's all but disappeared.  By the way, there's another similarity: the stretch of sand in the center of the  pictures. In 1960, the Hoofdgebouw was being constructed, and today they're working on the Green Strip. 


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