Part of STU to relocate to MetaForum

The Education and Student Service Center (STU) has begun moving a significant part of their services to the new office at MetaForum today. Starting Thursday, October 11, students with questions for STU should report to the new service desk.

From October 10-12, STU will be making the move from their safe haven in the Hoofdgebouw to MetaForum, which has been in use since last month. Still, not all STU staff will be moving to the new spot.

According to Joost Timmermans from STU hardly anything will change for students. They’ll still be reporting to the STU service desk, the only difference being it will be located at MetaForum from October 11th onwards. In case of an appointment with one of the STU staff members that was left behind in the Hoofdgebouw, students will be picked up at MetaForum.

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