Working towards a common goal in Ceres

With construction work at TU/e’s former boiler house having come to an end, the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) can move into a new building, with ample opportunities for various disciplines to work towards a common goal: understanding molecular self-assembly. The official opening was yesterday.

Ceres – the Central Energy and REgulation Station – that TU/e provided with hot water and heating until 2006, has undergone serious reconstruction work. Yesterday, October 4, the new ICMS residence was officially opened. The institute was founded in 2008 and focuses on molecular self-assembly, a fairly new area of expertise inspired by living nature. The ICMS wants to create entirely new materials as well as functional molecular systems, a goal for which they’ll be resorting to knowledge from chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology and engineering. The Eindhoven Multiscale Institute and Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories will also be working at Ceres.

Not only does Ceres offer work space, it also harbors a laboratory and an Advanced Study Center where scientists from all kinds of disciplines can stay for extended periods. The Center will also be organizing workshops with complexity as an overarching theme.

Read about the history of the building here. More about ICMS can be found here.

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