Energy Days: Shale gas

The next Energy Day on Thursday, September 19, has a very current theme. Following the political discussion whether or not the Netherlands should drill for shale gas, several national experts will go into the matter at De Zwarte Doos. Speakers include Groningen professor Rien Herber, dr. Hans de Pater of Fenix Consulting Delft, and dr. Annick de Vries of the Rathenau Institute.

Geophysicist Herber previously held positions at the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and Shell, where he was in charge of the European Exploration branch. He’ll be examining various aspects of shale gas extraction and compare the situation in the Netherlands with experiences in North America.

Hans de Pater is involved with rock mechanics. He’s averse to the negative shale-gas opponents. He feels the discussion should focus on the facts and technical aspects of shale gas drillings.
The afternoon will be concluded by Annick de Vries. She received her PhD in Twente for her research into uncertainties at the interface between science and politics, with special focus on the role of government-affiliated research agencies. At the Rathenau Institite she’s researching evidence-based policy and is involved in a project about shale gas.

Language: English.Thursday, September 19. Energy Days: Shale Gas. 1.15-5pm, movie theater De Zwarte Doos

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