Money for research projects with India

Two of three new projects concerning functional materials that are financed by NWO in collaboration with the Indian government have been granted to TU/e. The two studies involve catalysts, and nanoporous membranes. With the NWO contribution, just under half a million euro, both projects can hire two doctoral candidates.

For the first project, Emiel Hensen (Molecular Catalysis) and Xander Nijhuis (Chemical Reactor Engineering) want to develop catalysts that can convert propylene to propylene oxide (a component for plastics) and methane to methanol sustainably.

The second project was granted to prof.dr. Rint Sijbesma (Macromelecular and Organic Chemistry) and dr. Albert Schenning (Functional Devices). They’ll be working with researchers from Bangalore to create nanoporous materials. With the help of branched polymers and liquid crystals, they want to develop membranes that can combine filtration and detoxification, and which can be cleansed by being exposed to light. Possible applications the researchers are thinking of include  water treatment and artificial kidneys.

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