First doctoral candidates to start at Data Science Center

In january 2014, the first doctoral candidates will start their research projects at Data Science Center Einchoven (DSC/e). Starting 2015, the new research institute and education center of TU/e will also offer study programs, but when full undergraduate and graduate programs will be launched is yet unsure.

The above was announced by prof.dr. Emile Aarts, dean of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science. At his inaugural lecture last week, he focused on data science. Aarts used to work as an authoritative researcher at Philips, which he combined with a part-time position at TU/e. DSC/e will be launched officially on December 2, and will be led by Wil van der Aalst. The virtual center will be embedded in the Departments of mathematics & Computer Science, Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Design. The four departments plan to collaborate with several companies. The center sets out with twenty doctoral candidates, and wants to expand to fifty. The center’s goal is to have a full data science graduate program ready within three years.

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