Lex Lemmens Professor of Academic Science and Engineering Education

The Executive Board of TU/e has appointed dr.ir. Lex Lemmens as Professor of Academic Science and Engineering Education with effect from 1 December.

As professor, Lex Lemmens will lead research into the development and introduction of the reforms in the Academic Science and Engineering Education within the TU/e Bachelor College. Through the appointment of a professor, TU/e strongly underlines the importance it places on this specialized area of education. As well as research and collaboration with industry, social institutions and government, the quality of education remains a key value for TU/e.

The introduction of the Bachelor’s education marks an important reform for TU/e, leading for example to changes in existing curricula, the development of new educational tracks, new teaching approaches (with active student involvement), new forms of examination and different learning environments, which include digitalization of the teaching process. This reform is needed because of the great demands placed on engineers of the future by the university’s regional and (inter)national ambitions in terms of innovation and competitive strength. There is a growing need for both engineers with unique skills in the traditional technological disciplines, as well as those in fields at the interface between technical and non-technical disciplines.

The Executive Board congratulates Lemmens on his new role. Rector Magnificus of TU/e Hans van Duijn considers the appointment of Lex Lemmens as a significant innovation. “It not only expresses our recognition of him personally, but also marks a first step by TU/e towards a modern personnel policy. As well as holding purely scientific positions, professors can now also be appointed in educational roles.”

Next to his new role as Professor, Lex Lemmens also remains Dean of the Bachelor College.

(Source: TU/e Press Team)

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