Better audiovisual facilities and extra funds for Biomedical Engineering and IE&IS

The Executive Board will be putting aside extra budget structurally in order to intercept the major increase of students and maintain the quality of education at TU/e. In 2014, 1.5 million euro will be earmarked for that purpose, and 3 million for 2015. The money will be used for audiovisual facilities in the Auditorium, among other things. The departments of Biomedical Engineering and IE&IS will be allotted more money for extra lecturers.

For the improvement of the audiovisual facilities on the lower floors of the Auditorium, the Executive Board will set aside approximately one million euro. Starting next academic year, lecturers will be able to digitally loop their classes to other lecture theaters as well as see the students in those rooms via large screens.

The system will be implemented in eight Auditorium lecture theaters, and it will be used for ten Bachelor College courses. Lecturers can see and hear their students in the second room through screens and microphones, which is supposed to enable communication back and forth.

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