(Exam) dinner at MetaForum

Feel like studying on campus until late, but can’t keep at it on an empty stomach? This exam period, students can buy an ‘exam special’ for only 4.50 euros at the Auditorium and and MetaForum cafetarias. It’s an experiment by Eurest Catering.

The caterer wants to meet the increasing demand for an evening meal, especially among students. During the exam period the MetaForum cafeteria, which normally closes at 6 p.m., will be open until 8 p.m. So apart from enjoying dinner at Auditorium (or dining at more fancy restaurants De Zwarte Doos and University Club), students and staff are now welcome to grab a bite at MetaForum as well. If the pilot turns out to be a success, opening hours will be extended for upcoming exam periods as well.

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