All eyes on Stella in US

The Tesla factory tour was extraordinary. Setting a world record with five hundred electric cars made quite an impression. Still, as far as Solar Team Eindhoven is concerned the best USA experience was a visit to Rio Linda Preparatory Academy in Sacramento, says (former) team manager Lex Hoefsloot.

“We were treated like heroes at the Sacramento school”, Hoefsloot says. “Those kids had been preparing for our arrival for two months, and had learned a lot about our car already. This girl stretched out her arm as far as she could, only to exclaim “I touched Stella!” moments later. We were even giving out autographs.”

Team members spent large part of September in the United States with their showpiece Stella. They visited several events, including the annual conference for smart transport systems (ITS) in Detroit, and spent a week in California for the national Drive Electric Week.

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