Reveal STORM.

Balkenende ambassador for STORM

At yesterday’s well-attended partner day, automotive team STORM announced their first ambassador. Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende expressed his support for the team in a video message. STORM hopes to travel around the world in eighty days on their own electrical touring motorbikes next year.

Balkenende is now a professor of Governance, Institutions, and Internationalization at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In the video, he said he is a sustainability enthusiast as well as a fan of motor sports. He mentioned a classic-car rally in Italy he once participated in.

The afternoon kicked off with a presentation for STORM partners by team manager Texas van Leeuwensteuin and technical manager Wilco Pesselse in the Multimedia Pavilion. They announced that so far, eighteen percent of battery cells have been adopted, representing a crowd-funding value of eight thousand euros.

The first virtual design of the motor is now definitive, says Van Leeuwenstein, up to the very last nut and bolt. Parts for the prototype that should be presented on July 5 are coming in gradually. Some parts are still waiting to be shipped, and there were no large parts to display yet.

During the social in the new building for the automotive teams at De Horsten, the invited sponsors had to accept a mock-up of the motorcycle: a life-size model that also featured at the Hannover Messe (where minister Henk Kamp was invited to sit on it and everything), but which was revealed ‘officially’ for the occasion still.

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