Three million to ease workload scientists

In order to guarantee the quality of education and ease the workload for scientific staff, the Executive Board will earmark three million euros for extra scientists. New Rector Frank Baaijens revealed the news at the TU/e dies celebration on Thursday.

“The inflow of students for our bachelor programs has been growing steadily for the past years, and it is starting to affect our master tracks more and more”, says Baaijens. “And it is exactly in that phase our education is much more small-scale. Students often have direct contact with their supervisors. But since the number of students for master tracks is growing, and growing faster because of an increased output, there are more and more complaints about a stressful workload.”

According to Baaijens, there’s another reason the workload has increased: in 2010, the then government decided against using 500 million euros of natural gas revenues (FES funds) for research.

To tackle the most urgent problems, the Executive Board will make available three million euros for extra scientists. Baaijens: “We’re talking people here, not an extra lab. The money will be added to the six million departments were to receive in 2016 anyway. The extra sum is a result from the increased inflow. It has led to an increased market share, which means more research funding from the government.”

Where exactly the three million will come from will be discussed in a board meeting at a later date, said the new Rector. Baaijens also stated there are no plans to make available extra resources for supporting services. Baaijens will invite the deans to discuss the best way to divide the three million euros and determine the preconditions shortly. He expects it will be two or three years before all extra scientists are recruited.

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