Elevator issues Flux “serious issue”

DH hopes to fix the broken elevator in Flux as soon as possible. The elevator has been out of order for a month now due to a motor issue. The other two elevators in the building malfunction way too often as well, according to DH.

The elevator problems are irksome to students and staff members who frequent Flux, we gathered from asking around. Ronald van Nattem, head of management and maintenance at DH, confirms that one elevator has been out of order for about a month because of an issue with the motor. “We’re waiting for new parts to arrive.” The other two elevators have been acting up “way too often” as well, says Van Nattem, especially in comparison with the other elevators on campus. He describes the elevators in Flux as “brand new. They have been designed, but maintenance isn’t quite ready to solve any issues that may arise”.

DH hopes to have the broken elevator up and running again soon, “because it’s a serious problem”. Van Nattem has been in touch with elevator manufacturers Schindler and BAM, who have realized Flux, “but right now, no one knows when the issues will be solved”.

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