TU/e celebrates 40.000th graduate

TU/e has passed the milestone of 40.000 graduates. The 40.000th graduate in question is Melissa van de Steeg, a MSc who graduated from the Biomedical Technology department. This brand-new engineer set down her name on the ‘Alumni Avenue’ last Wednesday at the walking bridge between two of TU/e’s buildings. She was accompanied by chairman Jan Mengelers of the Executive Board and academic rector Frank Baaijens, who both happen to be TU/e alumni as well.


Van de Steeg started her Biomedical Technology studies in 2010 and graduated in 2016. Her interest in both technology and biology led her to these studies, which specialized her in working in a clinic, concerning the area of image forming techniques specifically. She has brought this to practice at the UMC Utrecht for her graduation project, and at her internship at King’s College London.

As from 1 April, Van de Steeg is employed as a clinical physicist at the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven. Something she is very happy about: “Being a junior clinical physicist I am exactly where I want to be: in the hospital, close to technology.”

The 40.000th graduate is a milestone which collides with the university’s anniversary. In April, the university will be around for sixty years, and that will be celebrated with a three-day festival from 22 to 24 april. One of the festival’s activities will be the Alumni Avenue: a walk of fame where graduates can engrave their name and year of graduation in glass.

Source: TU/e press team

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