Executive Board and Ichthus in discussion about possibilities

Ichthus Eindhoven can make as much use as it wants of the shared room set aside for life philosophies, which will be created in Luna (formerly Potentiaal). This has been emphasized by the Executive Board in discussions with the Christian student union held last Friday. These talks came in the wake of the news that TU/e is withdrawing its support for religious associations, which naturally caused a stir. Groep-één wasn't the only party to raise questions on Monday, in the University Council, about the issue.

At Friday's meeting, Ichthus also learned what TU/e has to offer, said Board member Jo van Ham. “Luna will gain a room for gatherings related to a life philosophy or religion. This room is intended for both students and associations, including Ichthus Eindhoven, as well as for education. In addition, Ichthus members can use the university's silence room and, like other people at TU/e, can reserve rooms.” In Luna other associations will also have to share space.

Theo Baart, treasurer of Ichthus Eindhoven, recalls a “good and open discussion. It is nice to know that now and then we can use a TU/e room. Still, as this is and will remain shared space, we will be looking for a board room of our own.”

Groep-één raised this matter on Monday during the University Council meeting and asked why the Executive Board has not kept to the framework for supporting associations that was previously in place. That involved such criteria as contribution to the student's personal development, contribution to the university's public profile and contribution to the academic curriculum. Van Ham responded by saying that the framework was under review.

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