More than just an eatery in Luna

The plans of the student team keen to set up a catering establishment in Luna are becoming more polished by the day. Armed with an airtight business plan, on Friday, June 24 Team Bar Potential will aim to persuade the University Fund (UFe) to donate 100,000 euros towards the startup costs. Whether the students will be allowed to realize their ambition won't be decided by the Executive Board until September.

Over the past year, Real Estate Management (DH) has held preliminary discussions with various parties about possible interest in running a bar in the renovated Potentiaal, which recently changed its name to Luna. Some parties had a commercial interest, others not. “It was eventually decided to give the student initiative presented by Team Bar Potential the opportunity to produce a business plan for catering in the Plint stories of Potentiaal," relates Veronique Marks, head of Real Estate Management.

The Plint is the name given to floors -2 through +1. Marks explains, "The idea is that the bar will play an important role in the intermingling of the members of the cultural associations, international and other students of TU/e and Fontys, and the occupants of the two residential complexes on campus.” As well as the Luna residential towers, this includes the new Aurora residential complex under Vestide's management, where 300 occupants will take up residence during the coming summer vacation.

This role as a meeting place is entirely consistent with the ideas underpinning Team Bar Potential's offering. All the team members either currently hold or have held executive positions in a cultural association in the Bunker. Nic van Kooten, team member and student of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, says, “The bar will provide the catering for the conference center that will be another new feature of the Plint, but primarily it needs to be a meeting space. We value the freedom to set customer-friendly prices and to support the activities of student associations. If that's not going to be possible, we have no added value to offer and the university may as well use a commercial party.” On Friday, June 24 the students will make a pitch at the UFe's board meeting, explaining their application for 100,000 euros. At this same meeting, the UFe will make a decision.

Meanwhile, the completion of the Plint has been postponed. The opening of the catering establishment and the relocation of the cultural associations from the Bunker to Luna are now set to happen in spring 2017. The towers, containing 300 residential units above the second floor, will be opened on August 26 of this year. Rooms will be available to rent from 1 September.

As well as the catering establishment, floors -2, -1, 0 and +1 will also accommodate the cultural associations, a conference room, a child care center, an emergency medical clinic and Euflex, the recruitment agency that is part of the TU/e holding company. The shell for all of these facilities will be completed on December 1st.

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