Dinner @ the Oktopus House

Cursor visits a studenthouse in Eindhoven every two weeks. The cooks reveal their secret recipes and we get to know the house and it's inhabitants. This time: Dinner @ the Oktopus House.


What sort of household is this?
One that likes a challenge. Since March 2015 the privately rented house on the Heezerweg has been a real Oktopus house. In other words, only handball-loving Okkies live here. Twan Schoester (third-year Industrial Engineering and Management at Fontys) put them forward for this interview because the column Krachtenveld in Cursor once reported that, “in the Oktopus house they eat only fries.” Twan was keen to prove them wrong. “We always eat healthy food.” Still, we must just mention that when Robin Mennens (third-year Software Science) moved into the house about six weeks ago, he brought a deep-fat fryer with him and that in the first week there was deep-fried food for dinner on no fewer than five occasions (according to Jore Maruanaja, who studies at Fontys).
It is also a house without a lounge. This adds to the appeal of the roof terrace and the handball men eat there as often as they can. Preferably with a barbecue.

How come this house is so clean?
After last Friday’s house party, the housemates swept the whole place clean. But it is also because they have managed to get a cleaning lady (also an Okkie) who works for ten euros an hour, and she comes for one hour a week. She cleans the toilet, the shower, the hallways, the stairs and one of the two kitchens. This isn’t the full answer because in truth the students also have a dishwasher and the iron discipline needed to keep the place tidy.

Recipe | Oktopus House Wrap

Fry two chicken schnitzels in a small amount of oil.

Put out on the table: three sliced tomatoes, shredded iceberg lettuce, one sliced cucumber, fried onions, chili sauce, garlic sauce, honey & mustard sauce and a stack of wraps.

Let the diners take a wrap and fill it with whatever salad and sauces they prefer. Then have them cut up the chicken themselves and add the pieces to the wrap.

Wat is de laatste aanwinst van het huis?
Een lamp die bij de entree hangt en twee verkeersborden. Ze kregen die van een Oktopusser die ‘netter’ ging wonen. Van de lamp haalden ze de rode letters Casa Blanca (van de coffeeshop bij de Steentjeskerk?) en ze plakten er Oktopushuis op. Wat ook nieuw is, is dat er sinds kort bij Google Maps een pin bij het huis staat. Twan heeft het geregeld via Google my business. De categorie ‘sportsbar’ leek hem wel een geschikte. Nu weet iedereen via Google dat het Oktopushuis 24/7 open is.   

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