29 European grants for young scientists

This year the Netherlands received 29 European Starting Grants for young scientists, three less than last year. Only big countries like Germany, the United Kingdom and France secured more. This year there is one Starting Grant for a TU/e scientist: Roland Tóth, Assistant Professor in the Control Systems group (Electrical Engineering), is the fortunate one.


The Hungarian Tóth has been granted the European subsidy of 1.5 million euros to develop new control systems for the high-tech industry. He focuses in particular on the so-called LPV (linear parameter-varying) control of physical systems.

The Starting Grants distributed by the European Research Council (ERC) every year, are intended for young scientists who have acquired two to seven years of research experience after having obtained their PhD. Altogether 2,935 proposals were submitted of which 325 were honored (eleven percent). Total value: 485 million euros, 56 million more than last year.

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