Opening of “particularly challenging” new academic year

Rector Frank Baaijens last Monday at the opening of the academic year labeled the next academic year as “particularly challenging” for everybody at TU/e. After expatiating on his own scientific career and the university’s successful student teams, he dealt in greater depth with the problems TU/e is facing at the moment as the result of the steep increase in student numbers.

“In order to maintain our leading principles, such as the individual supervision of students, we cannot avoid making a number of clear choices”, he said. Which choices those will be exactly, Baaijens did not say, but he informed Cursor before the summer holidays that it must be resolved by the end of 2016 whether student quotas are necessary for certain study programs.

Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs, used the achievements of the STORM Eindhoven team as a metaphor in his argumentation about the Netherland’s capacity for innovation and the important position occupied in it by the Brainport region and TU/e. “Take example by what these students achieve in terms of being doers, and by the message they spread: sustainable traveling without consuming fossil fuels.”

Kamp also came bearing gifts: seven million euros for the development of international education in the Brainport region. Surgical robot Microsure, a TU/e spin-off, can count on an innovation credit of 120,000 euros. For the Holst Centre, in which TU/e participates as well and which is located on the High Tech Campus, the funding for the coming years is also guaranteed, the Minister of Economic Affairs stated.

At the end of the meeting the educational awards were presented. For the Bachelor’s programs it was awarded to Ruben Trieling from Applied Physics. Professor Tanja Lange, who works at Applied Mathematics, received it for the Master’s program. Both winners were given a check worth 5,000 euros.

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