Intro ’17 | Fake it till you make it (to Cursor)

FAKE NEWS! At Cursor? No, of course not. Fake tattoos, well: yes. And we stuck loads of them on skins this week, in exchange for your chance of fancy prizes. Time for an update.

Upper arms, pulses, shoulders. Naturally that was becoming rather tedious for us after one afternoon. Fortunately Monday morning saw the first few brave ones presenting themselves and prepared to allow one of the Cursor reporters to touch other parts of their bodies. No sexual harassment there, let that be clear, and purely professional. Simply because we like to keep the lines with our readers, both during the Intro and after it, nice and short.

Is it just self-interest then? Most definitely not. For anyone who sends us a nice photo of his/her/their tattoo(s) afterwards is competing for even more appealing prizes.

For example, we can give away five lunches-for-two at grand café De Zwarte Doos on the TU/e campus. In addition, we will be awarding the funniest group photo with a movie night to be selected (for the whole group, of course) at our own Studium Generale - next semester, in the film club above the above-mentioned café, including one drink each at our expense.

Below you find a limited impression of the contributions sent in so far. If you have also been ‘tattooed’ by us and want to compete for the prize? Mail your photo(s) to, app them to 06-27433650 or send them via Facebook or Twitter.

Have you not got a tattoo yet? We still have some available in our editorial room, Auditorium 2.15A.

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