Intro '17 | Jumping jacks, push-ups and burpees

You have hardly slept a wink and you’ve got a hangover. What can you do? That’s it, get moving! So that’s what lots of people were doing on the Flux lawn, where Intro kids and their mummies and daddies alike were doing push-ups, jumping jacks and burpees. Well, it was the attempt that counts anyway.


It is clear that the Intro goers have not warmed up properly yet. Once the music on stage begins, a part of the group trudges from the far end to the front of the Flux lawn. Another lot just keeps hanging out at the back – some of them lounging comfortably in the swimming pool.

Nevertheless the fanatics on stage succeed in getting the group moving in no-time. Granted, not the whole group, but there are still enough students joining in with enthusiasm. The jogging they can just manage, the push-ups are considerably more taxing and when they need to do the jumping jacks and burpees their moaning is almost louder than the music.

Unfortunately it was too late for an official record attempt to do burpees with as many people as possible, says Mayra Goevaerts of the Intro Committee. “Initially that was the plan, maar we were too late to submit the request. Something like that takes a lot of time after all.” The students don’t care a fig. They are going to have a party!

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