Intro ’17 | Rappers turn Flux lawn into a savage field

The text involves rather a wide selection of hard and wet vital parts, and it does lead to an unusually savage feast on the campus on Friday afternoon. “All of this was mere foreplay, folks. Are you ready for the real McCoy? I insist on seeing a violent Mosh Pit”, Mr. Polska incites his audience.

What Mr. Polska wants, Mr. Polska gets, this Friday afternoon on the Flux lawn. The beer tap has been open since noon, the volume is louder than people working in surrounding buildings probably care for, and especially the gang right in front of the stage is extremely eager to let themselves go full throttle. A girls’ Mosh Pit is arranged swiftly, with the spontaneous support of men on the lawn who mercilessly push all the girls near them towards the circle. “Show some respect, guys, show some respect.”

“Which of you died last night as well?”, the rapper defies his audience. All right, then you can surely punch and barge away all you want this afternoon too, he says. Beer, your shirt, your cap or your neighbor, “Throw them into the air!”. And towards the end of his performance he gives some paternal advice: “Eindhoven, I love you. Be good at school!”

A little later that other 'father figure', Kraantje Daddy, also succeeds effortlessly in turning the TU/e lawn into a steaming, whirling mass by playing songs like 'Pompen' and 'Feesttent'. A girl wearing an 'I love SSRE' shirt is asked unashamedly about her relation with the gent next to her, and whether "they have been shagging this week". Kraantje sets her mind at ease: "What happens in Eindhoven, stays on the Internet!". 

For a moment the rapper interrupts his show for the company of Thêtans, when they start their club song right in front of him with a volume that erases everything else. "I really thought that was quite awesome. But I didn’t understand one bit of it", Kraantje - clothed in a  Thêta shirt during part of the show - confesses when the blaring troops have finished.

Rowing club member Ruud will some time later try to reach the other end of the lawn riding an inflatable dolphin, departing from the stage. He doesn’t make it any farther than two or three meters. It has been a tiring week, for the crowd and the crowd-surfers alike.

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Kraantje Pappie at All TUegether intro festival TU/e

Mr. Polska at All TUegether intro festival TU/e

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