Intro ’17 | Repairing tires for beginners

How do you repair a tire? And what kind of parts does a bicycle have? The workshop organized by international association Cosmos is not just attracting international students who have just learnt how to cycle. It is also attended by students who have been lucky enough never to have had to repair a tire and who now do want to try and master that skill.

Anas Abu Daqa is listening with undivided attention to Rob Rooijens from the Fietsbrigade, who gives some insight into all the components of a bike and into their purpose. And he adds the tip that it is advisable not to buy a bike of which specific components are sagging too much. In Jordan, his native country, Anas had never ridden a bike yet, so last week was the first time.

“After an hour or two I managed to stay on it quite reasonably, now I already cycle to the university.” He thought that the course 'How to repair a bike' could come in very handy indeed. A similar approach can be heard from the Romanian Rares Radulescu, who had not cycled for ten years. For the sake of certainty he has first been practicing a bit in the square near his home.

However, there are also some Dutch students attending the workshop, who have sucked in cycling with their mother’s milk. Juliëtte Gossens is one of them. “My father always used to do this for me, so I haven’t repaired any tires myself yet. It seemed like the right moment to learn this.”

Cosmos was also holding some other workshops, including the making of masks (see photo below).

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