Intro '17 | The swimming pool, the gossip and the truth

True, it is a bit frightening, to be left at the mercy of other parents than your biological ones just like that. Days 1 and 2 are usually still okay - but after that the deprivation hits home irrevocably. Then you would just like to call them briefly, hear your mummy’s familiar voice. App them. Share some photos. If need be, at the expense of someone else’s splashing fun.


So this is how the story unfolded of an unsuspecting Intro goer who on Friday morning was searching for an unused socket in order, in all innocence, to charge his phone. And who then unsuspectedly pulled the plug out of the ten-by-fifteen-meter-large makeshift swimming pool on the Flux lawn, which was filled with what by any and all accounts easily amounted to a shipload of water. 

Such, at least, was the gossip version. “And a juicy one at that”, chuckles Mayra Goevaerts of the Central Introduction Committee, who had also overheard it in the Intro corridors. 

In fact the long and short of it was that it was just an unsuspecting Intro goer sitting down on the edge of the over-filled swimming pool, which caused a considerable wave of water to leave the pool and flow elsewhere. Whereupon the CIC decided that it might probably be wiser to attach two blowers to the pool. “They continuously blow air into the swimming pool. In view of the jumble of cables spread across the lawn already we hoped that we could make do with just one”, Goevaerts admits.

A section of the Flux lawn was flooded for a short while, but even before the start of the closing festival the ground made good going again, as the CIC lady assured us. And, what’s more: the swimming pool was filled again - for anyone who insists on wearing their swaddling or swimming clothes for just a bit longer today.

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