Living on campus | “My favorite place is the Honors room in MetaForum”

Cameron Weibel (21) is originally from California in the United States. Growing up, he moved home a number of times: from the West Coast - where he was raised in his early years - to Colorado and afterwards closer to the East Coast, and later to Connecticut where he lived for six or seven years. His father advised him to go to Switzerland for his high school education. He is currently in his third year of the Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering.


Before he came to Luna he lived in a student house in Woensel. That was really brilliant, says Cameron, really sociable. "We had a shared kitchen and one of our female housemates cooked delicious meals."

His friends told him about Luna and registered for rooms straight away - but Cameron didn't. By contrast, he felt more drawn to live off-campus. After the summer, when the studios became available, he changed his mind and registered. "I moved into a studio on the thirteenth floor in October 2016, where I have a fabulous view. The rent is good for a studio like this one, at this location. And everything is close to hand, which saves me lots of time."

Until now what he has been missing in Luna are social activities and a communal space where you can meet other people. Now, after six months, the common room is finally nearing completion. The official opening is set for March 2nd.

Cameron says he adapted quickly to life in the Netherlands. "I found it more difficult when I moved from the US to Switzerland, due to the different mentalities of people from the States and from Switzerland. In the US everything focuses exclusively on the United States. When I went to Switzerland I gained a much more global perspective. What's more, people in Switzerland tend to be less outgoing and are quieter; as a rule Americans are much louder.”

In his leisure time he often goes with friends to Vapiano, a restaurant in the city center. Cameron finds this is a fun place to dine and chat with his friends. Last week he went to visit a friend who lives in the Student Hotel near the station. “When we returned from the gym in the morning, we made American pancakes in the shared kitchen; that was really sociable.”

His favorite place on campus is the common room of the Honors Academy in MetaForum. He can often be found there meeting up his fellow students on the Honors program. Exciting times lie ahead for Cameron; he will soon hear whether he has been admitted to the Master's program in Robotics, Systems and Control at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

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