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The new personal MyTU/e portal has now been visited by more than ten thousand TU/e staff and students. While the introduction went relatively smoothly, some users are still experiencing problems. Individuals who had not been assigned to the correct user category, for example, aren't getting to see all the tiles that are relevant to them. Nor is the mail app functioning properly.

Since the new portal on went live on Monday March 13, says project manager Henny van Alphen of the CIO Office, a little under six hundred reactions, positive and negative, have been received - via both the feedback button in the portal itself and email.

“The number one complaint is that users are being presented with an incomplete dashboard. This happens when they have not been assigned to the correct user category, namely student, lecturer or employee. They find certain tiles are missing, such as the Me@TU/e tile, Osiris or CANVAS.”

According to Van Alphen, people whose names include unusual characters have been incorrectly assigned more often than other people. “We can correct that, partly by using a script or else manually, but these users must first report the problem to us.”

How many TU/e staff and students are still struggling with these problems, she can't say. “But we do know that more than ten thousand people have visited the portal and only a small fraction of them have reported problems to us. We know for sure that all student have been helped and now have the right dashboard.”

In addition, some complaints have been received via the email application, says Van Alphen. “Some people are unable to answer any mails in this application, nor enter addresses. And some people have reported that all mails stayed marked as unread, or that folders cannot be opened.” To tackle these problems, she is talking to the British supplier of the software, she says.

Information about the solutions that have been created and their release dates is available via the FAQ page of MyTU/e.

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