Auditorium's hall becomes pop-up exam hall

The hall in the Auditorium will be in use Monday as an exam hall. This is a temporary arrangement that is being trialed. That morning, spread across the campus, a record number of first-year students - no fewer than 2,400 - will diligently apply themselves to the final examination of the basic course Calculus; 114 of them will be seated in the open hall.


The intake of students to TU/e is rising, with various consequences. One of which is that the search for rooms in which to conduct the Calculus exam is becoming an ever more complex puzzle.

In the Auditorium's hall, 114 first-years will work feverishly at this exam from nine o'clock on Monday morning until 12 noon. Employees in the offices on the ring surrounding the hall are requested to keep their use of the walkway that morning to a minimum. Similarly, anyone entering or leaving the building should do so on the side of the building facing the Dommel. The canteen in the Auditorium will be closed all day.

"We can't avoid trying out this option"

According to examination coordinator Ron Tempelaars the hall has been used as an exam hall twice in the recent past, “but on both occasions in the evening, once the building was empty. I think you'd have to go back ten or fifteen years to find the last time we did this during the day. But because the number of students keeps rising every year, we can't avoid trying out this option.”

Tempelaars says that the hall could actually accommodate over three hundred students, if it weren't for the three black platforms  that were recently installed. “It takes nearly three hours to break down and rebuild each platform and this isn't something you should do too often to this kind of structure.”

If the trial use of the hall turns out well, holding exams here is something that could happen more often in future. “But it depends on a multitude of factors,” says Tempelaars, “and we'll be looking at them all closely after Monday.”

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