‘Swedish chef’ cooks up a storm in Luna

It was a sell-out performance for chef Erling Rugsten Tuesday evening in Luna. In the building's gleaming new kitchen the renowned culinary king gave a workshop to TU/e students. Under his guidance they discovered what good, healthy and not least of all delicious food is all about.

‘Rediscovering food’ was the theme of the workshop organized by Studium Generale at TU/e. Star chef Rugsten, of Swedish descent, has been in the culinary driving seat at Seats2Meet Eindhoven on Strijp-S since early October. His aim on Tuesday evening was to bring people together and have them to work in a team, with everything they did revolving around the preparation of the dishes. “The best thing that could happen is for everything to go wrong - because that's when we learn the most.”

A feast for the senses was how the organizers billed the event - and that was precisely what it was, if the scenes captured by our video reporter Niels Dusseldorp are anything to go by. Get a flavor of the day by watching the video and pick up some culinary inspiration (for students) while you're at it.

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