Two iF Awards for Industrial Design

ID student Anke van Oosterhout and the team led by ID alumnus Jiachun Du have won the iF Design Talent Award 2017. As well as a cash prize of 5000 euros, this means a permanent place in the online iF World Design Guide, and inclusion in the exhibition held in iF’s home city of Hamburg. Their products, the Ripple and TPSurgery, improve home life and future healthcare.


iF is a German organization that has been awarding prizes since 1953 to well-designed industrial products that it considers worthy of more attention. Miguel Bruns, researcher at Industrial Design and former jury member: “An iF Award is one of the world's most famous awards, given every year to the best designs based on peer review. As well as annual awards for companies - Samsung, Philips and Apple have won many Awards - iF presents students with awards every six months."The student submissions in this round fell in four categories: smart homes, living together, micro-apartments and future healthcare. Anke van Oosterhout won in the first category with her Ripple. This is an interface for an intelligent thermostat. A dial gives the user feedback by changing shape and by whether it gives counter-pressure.The winner of the last category was TPSurgery, an interactive system that gives surgeons information while they are operating. No physical touch is required to use the system of complex sensors - particularly hygienic in an operating room. Gestures, twenty centimeters above the device, are all it takes. As well as requesting information, the surgeon can also adjust the brightness and angle of beams of light in the operating room.Jiachun Du and team mates Tom van Rooij (also a recent graduate) and Master's student Tong Wu have already shown TPSurgery at Dubai Design Week in 2016. Du is also one of the team members of Hugsy, which this year is competing for a Reddot Award, another prestigious German design award.

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