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CursorOnTour@CE&C | This is happening in Helix

The department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (CE&C) is in Cursor’s spotlight this week. We are going on tour for the first time and we are setting up our pop-up work station in Helix for the next four days.

image Natasha Franc

In this first week of April, we’ll be making news articles, research stories, interviews and videos about the department of Chemical Engineering from our pop-up work station on the ground floor of Helix.

Some of the productions you can expect this week: a report on a lecture by professor Bert Meijer, a video report about the way safety is arranged and an impression of professor Kitty Nijmeijer’s research. We dive into the history of the department by means of photos and describe the nicest traditions of study association T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’, also known as Japie.

Favorite element

We’ll also pay extra attention to TU/e chemists on our social media channels. For example, we’ll publish a series of portraits of people from the department with their favorite element on Instagram.

This is the first edition of CursorOnTour. Two to three times a year, we will visit a certain department, service or other TU/e location. This way we hope to get more connected with the TU/e community, to network, to get ideas for articles and we also hope to become more visible ourselves.

This article is part of the special CursorOnTour@CE&C series, with on-site reporting, this time from the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

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