Acclimatizing in Atlas

After the service departments, two faculties have now moved into Atlas as well. The building can also be accessed again via the skybridges from the Auditorium and MetaForum after more than four years of being closed. At peak times people come and go, especially on the ground floor and floor 1 - mostly students who are still finding their way through the renovated building.

photo Monique van de Ven

The signage in the building is still limited, the passages in certain areas can be somewhat confusing. The first days, therefore, the inevitable extra miles are made by the new residents and visitors of the building, who do not always find their destinations in Atlas via the shortest route.

So it takes some time to get used to the new situation, like in every new habitat - but there is also a lot of praise, especially about the spaciousness of the building and its modern facilities. Cursor’s reporter Niels Dusseldorp went through the building with his camera and gauged some initial responses from students (here you can find his earlier video about Atlas, made while the service departments were moving in).

Video | Niels Dusseldorp

Atlas @TU/e welcomes its first students

Video | Niels Dusseldorp

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