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Stukafest Eindhoven back on full power again

After an edition with a slimmed-down version, the organization in Eindhoven is once again going big with the student room festival. Thanks to the four TU/e students who organize it, students can choose between twelve different acts spread over the same amount of rooms next Thursday, February 21st. After sitting, listening and enjoying the acts in the student rooms, the students can still run wild during the afterparty in café Altstadt, including a performance by Mr. Weazley.

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'Investing more time and more money, working with passion and more international acts'. With these goals, Serge Gruson (Industrial Design), Stef van der Wielen (Automotive), Romy Hoppen (Psychology & Technology) and Argun Tyagi (Architecture) started their mission: to set up a large Stukafest in Eindhoven.

And even though they had a very long list of preferences, they quickly agreed on one act: Holsaby. Stef knows some of the band members personally and the performances were also appreciated by the others. The music can best be described as 'energetic modern pop with a touch of the eighties'.

The other performances vary. A notable one is the literary peep show, according to the description 'A juicy mix of spicy theater, open sexuality and erotic stories'. Furthermore, Walden will perform, a young band that already treated the Pinkpop audience to a beautiful performance during that festival. Jing 'Juice' Wang is a street dancer who will show his skills, LIVE 4 EVER is a theater performance with a philosophical approach; "What if we overcome death? Are we happy then? Or do we also lose the value that the transience of life gives us?”. Jan Schellink and Danibal of the HEUG duo call themselves stand up musicians.

Participating students can cycle from student room to student room on Thursday the 21st of February and take a look at three of the twelve acts in total. Most rooms are in the center.

Ticket sales are going well so far, the students say. Van der Wielen: "We know from previous years that many tickets are only sold in the last week and even on the day before. The crowd so far would half-fill the rooms." The student room festival is held in different student cities. Tickets can be arranged via the website. For the afterparty you need separate tickets.

Salient detail: Serge made the design for Stukafest socks, which can also be purchased through the website and collected at the party.

Soon there will be a video report of the event on our site.

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