Athene in 2007. Photo | Bart van Overbeeke

A look inside the nuclear reactor at TU/e

Did you know that the TU/e had its own nuclear reactor until 1973, when the university was still called Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven (THE)? It really surprised Niels de Jong and Cengizhan Can, master students Computer Science and Engineering, and they decided to research the matter further. In their video report (see below) you see the results of their explorations.

photo Bart van Overbeeke

The two students have been walking around campus for five years, but there are still places they haven’t discovered. One of those mysterious places is the Athene building, the 'strange and empty' building they encountered a while ago. Or rather, was. Meanwhile they know that the nuclear adventure for the THE began in 1960, when Reactor Centrum Nederland (‘Reactor Center The Netherlands’) in Petten was assigned to design a reactor. The then rector Posthumus was the initiator and wanted to use it for research and educational purposes.


The interview with staff member Joep Huiskamp, ​​who knows a lot about the history of the university, already answered a large amount of the questions of the two students. Thanks to Real Estate Management they were able to further satisfy their curiosity and take a look in the building where radiation expert Gilles Moerdijk provided them with some interesting information on the spot.


 Are you also curious about the building and what it was used for later on? Then watch the video.


Video | Niels de Jong and Cengizhan Can

A look inside Athene, the former nuclear reactor at TU/e

Video | Niels de Jong and Cengizhan Can

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