Dief in MetaForum. Archieffoto | Bart van Overbeeke

‘Processor thief’ strikes for the third time

For the third time in a short period, a thief managed to steal a few laptops and, curiously enough, some processors on campus. Last Sunday, the thief struck at MetaForum, where he forced an office door - during working hours - on the ground floor, stripped some laptops, and stole a few as well. The same person recently managed to force his way into Helix and Atlas, where he stole processors, laptops and RAM hardware.

archive photo Bart van Overbeeke

Hay Becks, TU/e team leader at Safety & Security, finds the fact that someone managed to strike for the third time in a row “very frustrating.” Camera footage shows the same man each time, Becks says.

Unlike during the last two thefts, the thief caused damage this time: he used a crowbar to open the locked door of a remote office on the ground floor of MetaForum. It was easy for him to enter the building, because MetaForum is open during the weekend.

When asked whether someone noticed the thief, Becks answers: “He doesn’t behave conspicuously, and there isn’t much social control in the building because anyone can enter.” The team leader says that TU/e students and staff members were asked to be extra alert (also see the information in the panel below).

It is noteworthy that the thief has set his sights on processors and RAM; they’re not vey profitable financially.

TU/e has some tips to prevent theft: 

•    Use your security cable for your laptop; 
•    Keep your devices in sight (even if you are just going to get some coffee);
•    Lock rooms properly when you leave; 
•    Store your laptop, mobile phone, etc. in a locker;
•    Use your campus card only for yourself. 

If you see anything suspicious, report this by phoning 040-247 22 22. 
If you know of any devices that have been stolen and suspect a data breach, let us know by phoning the CERT on 040-2475678 or via email.


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