Soup saves

‘Happiness is hot soup on a cold day.’ ‘Worries go down better with soup.’ ‘Soup puts the heart at ease.’ Aphorisms agree on one thing: soup is our savior. Our comfort and way to connect, when we find ourselves once again with a large pan standing at a doorstep of a friend who is ill or down in whatever way. And it was the tasty protagonist during the workshop ‘Soup - Black Box’, in the Auditorium Monday evening.

photo Niels Dusseldorp

"It smells really good here," our video reporter Niels Dusseldorp comments by Whatsapp a few minutes to six. At that moment, he is surrounded by nine participants of the soup workshop in the hall of the Auditorium as part of TU/e's ongoing Vitality Week. The nine, a mix of students and staff of different nationalities, worked with chef Remco Boogaard (from campus caterer VITAM) using a variety of leftovers to make the most delicious soups.

Read on below the photos.

A clear kale cabbage soup, an eggplant-tomato soup, an Iranian soup with turmeric - the culinary results that were enjoyed together afterwards, were diverse. Do you already regret that you missed all this wonderful food? Fortunately we still have the, sadly odorless, images.

PS For those who, just like us, can't get enough of soup: next Monday, November 25, Cursor’s new series Soup & Stuff, in collaboration with VITAM, will start. Every three weeks it will present a personal portrait of a student or employee of the TU/e and his or her favorite soup recipe. Keep an eye on our website!

Video | Niels Dusseldorp

Black Box Soup Workshop (Vitality Week) @ TU/e

Video | Niels Dusseldorp

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