Tips for students’ residences: ‘Consider your date as a visitor’

The severity of the corona crisis hasn’t gotten through all students’ residences, according to the ‘National Chamber of Associations’ (LKvV). It therefore gives extra advice, for example traveling to your parents’ home or dating in times of corona.

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Since the coronavirus has the world in its grip, everyone has to use their common sense and keep up with the regulations of the government. This also counts for students’ residences, but there is, however, some uncertainty.

The LKvV, in which 48 students’ associations are connected, has noticed this. In collaboration with the national government, some extra guidelines were announced for students’ residences and students’ associations.


President Yorick van der Heiden states that in the majority of the residences, residents keep up with the regulations. “But our members have told us that some students’ residences don’t really live up to the rules. They might think: it won’t happen to us, we don’t belong to the potential risk groups.”

The LKvV therefore doesn’t only point its members to the existing guidelines, but also adds some new advices. One of the regulations is to travel back to your parents’ houses as little as possible. Many students are extremely bored, since they’re obliged to stay at home. “Some students alternate their whereabouts”, states Van der Heiden.

However, this is not the intention of the regulations: “I don’t mind if you stay at your student residence or at your parents’ house, but try to stay at one place as much as possible.”

Living together

These guidelines are also aimed at love and dating. “Many students are dating at this moment or are in a relationship,” notes Van der Heiden, “It’s obviously enjoyable if you can still see each other in two months of social isolation.”

The LKkV hereby suggests that you both should try to live in one of the residences as much as possible, and truly see the other as part of the household.

Are students not forced to move in together at an earlier point in their relationship? “I’d be able to look at it from that perspective,” admits Van der Heiden, “but if you’re in a budding relationship, consider your date as a visitor and keep the 1.5 meters distance”.


In times of crisis, it’s very important that housemates come to mutual agreements about visitors, according to the LKvV. “You’ll avoid disagreements with your housemates,” says Van der Heiden, “Eventually, everyone should feel comfortable at home.”

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