All corona-related matters in one place

Developments and news reports related to coronavirus are coming thick and fast; at times it is hard to keep up. For TU/e, Cursor would like to at least attempt to preserve an overview as we move this through endless forest of information - and starting today is offering a separate corona menu bar on its homepage.

photo Kira Yan/Shutterstock

It doesn't take a really attentive site visitor to notice the change: the opening page of our website currently has a slightly different 'face'. For the time being, the uppermost bar on our homepage carries three striking red blocks, each with its own theme but all corona-related.

The block 'TU/e corona updates' will always offer you quick access to all official university announcements and reporting about coronavirus. Next to it, you'll find the block 'Community Radio TU/e', which refers to the radio shows broadcast daily via this channel, intended to inform, connect and involve the university community.

The block 'TU/e social interaction' changes constantly, thanks to input from a wide range of individuals, associations, organizations and other parties. Online initiatives and activities are currently springing up in every corner of the TU/e community. On this page we aim to gather together as many of them as possible. Got any tips for us? Be sure to mail them to us!

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