Hard lockdown: pack up and clear out

After Monday’s announcement that the corona measures will be tightened, study association Simon Stevin quickly emptied its board cubby hole and secured all perishable products from their bar the Weeghconst. The office supplies, snacks and beers will be kept in a mobile storage room: the association’s bus Walter.

photo Kim Smulders

The previous board learned some valuable lessons from the first lockdown in mid-March, says Jankatiri Boon, commissioner special activities at Simon Stevin. “The board couldn’t get to its things last time, and a number of articles passed their use-by date. As a consequence, a step-by-step plan was devised, which is now a large poster on the wall.”

We hear over the telephone that a slight panic broke out among the board members after the NOS published an announcement that a hard lockdown, expected to last until 19 January, will be put in place at twelve o’clock tonight. “Alright, take action, pack up and go,” was our initial response. The ‘COVID-19 evacuation plan’ comes in handy now.

Luckily, we’re better prepared this time thanks to the lessons learned last time around,” Boon says. “Our step-by-step plan says that we need to empty the fridge, pack the birthday cards for members who will be celebrating their birthdays soon, connect the telephone to that of our commissioner external relations. Bring the candy and food from the snack cupboard. We need to take the paper with our Simon Stevin logo and envelopes with us. We even packed the gavel. And we also check the use-by date of our beer supply. But the poster also says: ‘Don’t forget your motivation.’”


The board stores everything in their association’s bus, named Walter, a Ford Transit with room for nine people. When the students take out the seats, it has a large loading space. “That will be our mobile storage, which we’ll have unlimited access to. We will meet this afternoon to discuss at which board member we can park the car for free.”

“We don’t expect that everything will be back to normal on January the 19th, we’ve learned that from experience. We were fortunate that we could reside in the Simonkamer from the summer onwards. Because of our approved corona plan for this office, we could stay here when all the staff members were once again asked to work from home. But this lockdown will also place us outside Gemini again.”

Neighboring association Protagoras will wait for tonight’s press conference, but it has already started to pack everything so that people can work from home. The study association is also cleaning up today, to prevent the Prothok from being overtaken by fruit flies. It happened before..

In the main photo at the top, you see Roel Hazelhof and Jankatiri Boon having a farewell drink from the Bokma tap, which they got from the previous board. Boon: “Unfortunately, we can’t take it with us.”

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