Wish baubles popular on student Christmas trees

Show me your Christmas tree and I'll tell you your association. Really? Every association in the Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven last week received a Christmas tree, together with a string of tree lights and a garland of tinsel in a color of their choosing. Using tape, string and whatever else they could lay their hands on, the study associations added more sparkle to their trees. Who'd have thought a thermal laminator had so many uses!

photo Bart van Overbeeke

As you no doubt realize, you aren't supposed to take a look yourself. No unnecessary trips to the campus; not even to admire the efforts of the study associations. But we have a solution. We sent along photographer Bart van Overbeeke so that every tree could have its own special place on this digital catwalk.

On the left you can see CHEOPS's creation. Thanks to the helping hands of its first-years - visiting to attend lectures given by construction companies - the study association belonging to Built Environment managed to inscribe 96 white baubles with wishes for the coming year. Including, “Going out a lot, drinking a lot".

On the right, we have GEWIS's tree. The baubles of the Mathematics and Computer Science students are 2D affairs. At the back, out of sight, hangs the showpiece: a bauble with baby Yoda on it.

Intermate, the study association attached to Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology, chose the golden touch and a tiny soccer ball. At Japie Chemistry students hung laminated wishes in the tree and no one asked that they be shaped like baubles.  

Lucid displays the look so typical of Industrial Design. “We never fail to use Post-its on a project,” says the board. This year Lucid chose a purple theme. 

Industria's color is blue. The students at Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences are striking out in a bold new direction: the washing line. See those socks shine! 

Students of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences and Technology decorated the Protagoras tree. With a nod to the medical world, they draped their garlands in a shape of a snake. 

Thor, the association for Electrical Engineering students, has given its tree a buzz this Christmas. Are those circuit boards we can see hanging there?

At Van der Waals - “low budget, high creativity”-  physics students even used pieces of wood. The board was chuffed with the task set for members of producing an ornament: “They spent a good half hour making things in the board's cubbyhole, instead of rushing off after filling their coffee cups."

Pattern sees itself as a multidisciplinary association for Data Science students studying at either Tilburg or Eindhoven. And so the board gave everyone a free hand in decorating the Christmas ornaments. Note the bold red tinsel.

All the trees are also strung with pretty lights, a glimmer of hope in dark days at Christmas time.

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