In Memoriam | Joka Duijvesz

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of our dear colleague Joka Duijvesz.

Joka had been working at our university since September 1981. All these years, she was committed to the administrative support activities at ‘Information Management & Services’ (IMS). She was a much-liked staff member who was always there for her colleagues, and she had a positive attitude, even during her illness.

Joka was someone who always felt a strong sense of responsibility in her work, which was always up to date and of a high quality. She expected this from others as well. She was a person of few words, but when something didn’t work the way it should, it bothered her. She would express that and did everything she could to improve things.

Officially, Joka was appointed at the Financial and Economic Affairs department (DFEZ) but she was seconded to IMS, which is where her heart truly was and where she worked her entire career. The people at IMS were her colleagues, but at the same time they were her clients, and she was always there for them.

During the last years, Joka was part of the team ‘Administrative services.’ There, too, she showed herself to be a real team player. Her positive attitude had an effect on the team. Joka never complained, even at times when things got too busy. She did, however, report it and express her concerns. But she quickly added: ‘this is just the way it is right now, we just need to stay the course and everything will work out.’ She was always very down to earth and it was clear to everyone that she was in control.

Joka continued to work as long as she could, even after she knew that she wasn’t going to get better. She liked being at TU/e. She remained involved and regularly kept visiting her colleagues and supervisors, also after she wasn’t able to work anymore. Her life wasn’t just about her illness. She accepted things as they were. That was her attitude in life, and that is how it remained towards the end of her life.

We will miss her very much!

We wish her husband GeertJaap and her daughter Rozan much strength with this great loss.

Colleagues at DFEZ and IMS

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