Research into the well-being of TU/e people in times of corona

The corona crisis has turned the world, our country and also our university upside down. The same applies to the daily activities of students and staff, who in many cases had to step up and show their resilience in recent months.

image Pasuwan/Shutterstock

We are therefore curious: how are you doing now? For example, how do you experience working or studying from home, what challenges and bottlenecks do you experience, what do you think of the facilities, communication and support from both the university and your own program, group or department?

We hope to gain more insight into this before the summer using an online survey (an initiative of our colleagues from U-Today from Twente and a collaboration between various media for higher education in the Netherlands). Hopefully you can spare a few minutes of your time to complete the attached survey, for which you click here.

Please note: this is a different research than the TU/e's own research that it expects to conduct in July. Participation in the survey is of course anonymous; your answers will be treated confidentially and cannot be traced back to individuals.

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