Seven new members at Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering

The Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering recently inaugurated seven new members, who have been appointed by the Executive Board for a four year term. EYAE is a network of excellent young scientists, designers and engineers at TU/e.

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Matias Duran Matute (Applied Physics), Federica Eduati and Roy van der Meel (Biomedical Engineering), Johanna Höffken and Bob Walrave (Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences), and Antoni Forner Cuenca and Danqing Liu (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry) are the new members that have been appointed by Rector Frank Baaijens. During an online ceremony, he also honored Patricia Dankers with a special silver TU/e medal for her work establishing the network. Dankers was the founding chair from 2018 until September 2020. Finally, Baaijens thanked Sandra Hofmann, Job Beckers and Jan-Philipp Hofmann (now at TU Darmstadt) whose term as board members ended.

A better place

The new board consists of Yoeri van de Burgt, Oana Druta, Sandra Loerakker and chair Daniël Lakens. During the online meeting, Lakens gave a short overview of the ambitions of the Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering (EYAE) for the coming year. He characterized the network as a community of friendly and caring people who are dedicated to making TU/e a better place.  

Lakens hopes EYAE can play an important role in representing and supporting early career scientific staff, especially now that the network has established a solid base. Members are currently interviewing young staff to find out what makes academia, and TU/e in particular, an (un)attractive employer. Another priority will be the alliance with the young academies of Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht and Wageningen University & Research. Together, a Center for Unusual Collaborations has been founded.

A short round among members resulted in various suggestions for other topics that EYAE may discuss, such as making TU/e more sustainable, options for sabbaticals, increasing the independence and visibility of young researchers, and discussions related to diversity. Frank Baaijens also asked EYAE to stay involved in the debate around Rewards & Recognition.

Broad interest

Founded in 2018, TU Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering is a network of enthusiastic, ambitious and outstanding early career scientists, designers and engineers with a broad interest and view on science and engineering in general. The aims are being a platform for young academics for open discussion, providing support for early career researchers at TU/e, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation and research, fostering excellence in education, contributing to valorization (knowledge transfer) and outreach and advising on policies regarding scientific research, education, valorization, outreach and impact both inside and outside TU/e.

The call for new members for 2021 will open in May 2021.

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