Studium Generale brings its programs back to the campus

Studium Generale is this week restarting its program of cultural events; both online and on campus. “We are thrilled to be back on the campus in some small way,” says head of SG Lucas Asselbergs. They are getting underway with a lecture - the venue is sold out but you can watch live online - by astronaut Mindy Howard tomorrow.


The outdoor movie that was scheduled for this Thursday, is being cancelled, due to corona measures. "Only fifty persons can be present, sitting on chairs at a table. That is not what we're aiming for," says SG head Lucas Asselbergs. "We are disappointed, but understand and respect the measures the university has to take in these times."

Having seen the corona crisis bring their spring program to a grinding halt, Studium Generale (SG) is now back on campus with their fall program - albeit for small audiences. In the Blauwe Zaal, normally good for 400 people, they are now able to accommodate 50 people.

The Corona Room in Luna has space for 27 people, and the movie theater in De Zwarte Doos has seating for 18 film enthusiasts in these corona times. “That is intense,” says head of SG Lucas Asselbergs, “but on the upside we are noticing that organized events are very popular. It used to be that everything was just ordinary. Now just the fact that something is being put on draws instant gratitude.”

What's more, a sold-out Blauwe Zaal does not prevent you from attending online: SG is offering almost all its programs both on campus and online, via the live stream on Facebook and YouTube. Asselbergs stresses that interaction is important in the online space. “Chatting is one way to provide this; it ensures you create a connection with your target group.”

“What we stand for as SG is still intact,” says Asselbergs. “At SG you can experience something that's just off your own radar. We encourage people to look farther, to be critical, and to challenge their likes and dislikes.”


They will be doing this next week Wednesday as they kick off the program with alumna and future astronaut Mindy Howard. “She presents an impassioned story of pursuing your ambitions in a world that is not very accessible to women.” Howard will be speaking in the Blauwe Zaal, which is already sold out, but her lecture can also be followed via the live stream.

On Thursday SG is screening the film The Peanut Butter Falcon outdoors on the field by Flux. Free, as is the happy custom, but advance booking is required. The pop-up outdoor movie theater can accommodate 250 people. “And we are really happy that we can resume our film program in De Zwarte Doos in September,” says Asselbergs.


Students can again earn USE credits by attending SG activities. The requirement for getting credits is that you are in the hall, alternatively you have to register at a certain moment (that will then be indicated) during the live stream.

Until further notice, advance booking for SG events on the campus is required. “We are keen to discourage a flow of people turning up at the door without a ticket. This is our solution for the time being. It's not ideal, but we hope that in 2021 it will no longer be necessary.”

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